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Online Responsa: New features
New Responsa features

In honor of the upcoming Passover Holiday, we have added four new features to the Online Responsa Project designed to ease access to the texts and to facilitate an even more user-friendly experience:
1. Dictionary features:
a. Acronym Dictionary: This feature allows you to understand the different abbreviations that are so common throughout Jewish Texts. The Acronym dictionary allows you to search for the acronym with or without the apostrophe, the place of which changes from acronym to acronym.

b. Aramaic-Hebrew and Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary: This feature enables you to understand the Aramaic words and unique phrases of the text. The dictionary gives you a better understanding of the text without having to be an Aramaic scholar or even walking away from your computer.
New Dictionary features
New Dictionary features
2. "Include abbreviations" feature in the Advanced Search:
This tool complements our advanced search feature. Searching for an expression will bring up its acronym as well, if requested.
The Acronym search
3. "Aramaic translation" feature in the Tabular Search:
This tool complements our Tabular search feature. While searching for a Hebrew word the Aramaic results will be displayed as well, if requested.
Tabular search
4. Dynamic dictionary features:
a. Aramaic-Hebrew fast reference tool: While browsing a source, you can double click or highlight any word or expression in Aramaic, and a pop-up will appear with the Hebrew explanation.

Reference tool

b. Acronym fast reference tool: While browsing a source, you can highlight any acronym and a pop-up will appear with the full explanation.

Reference tool
Wishing you a Happy Passover and an easy
Spring Cleaning!
More upgrades in 5773...
Online Responsa: New features
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